Product Photography

The product price chart below acts as a general guideline for most products. If you’d like to discuss the details of your products and get an exact price quote, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to work with you on your project and discuss your individual needs.

We offer two pricing packages.

  • “Web Package”.
  • “Web + High Res” package.

Which would work best for you?

Well, if you plan to use your photos for the web only (eBay or your website, etc), then the Web Package should suit your needs. If you plan to use your photos for printing though (catalogs, etc), or if you’d just like to have a high resolution photo on hand for whatever needs you may have, then you want the Web + High Res Package.

Pricing depends on the amount of products you wish to be photographed, as well as the type of products. Please use this list as a general guideline. But it’s important that you request a quote for your specific products to get the most accurate rates.

# of items:

Web Package:

Web + High Res:

Single Product:




 $22 per product

 $35 per product


 $19 per product

 $31 per product


 $17 per product

 $27 per product


 $14 per product

 $24 per product

100 or more:

 Contact us

 Contact us

We strive to ensure that you receive great quality product photography at reasonable prices. What do other product photography companies charge? Take a look for yourself, and we hope you’ll agree that our rates are some of the most reasonable you’ll find:

All packages include:

  • Cleaning of the product before photography begins.
  • Product setup for the best angle possible.
  • Lighting setup for the best lighting possible.
  • Post processing to make images look their best
    (image touch-up, color balance, and polishing).
  • Seamless white background for images.
  • Instant online delivery of photos.
  • Image rights and usage*.

For the Web Package, the images you receive are:

  • A thumbnail image (150px width, in JPG format)
  • A medium size image (700px longest side, in JPG format)

For the Web + High Res Package, you will receive the images above, plus:

  • A high resolution image for printing
    (The high resolution image will be in TIFF format. Other file formats (jpg, psd, png) are available upon request.)

Our turn around time on product photography usually runs about 5-7 business days for 20-49 products. This is just a general estimate though. Some products are easier to set up and photograph then others. So the time estimated may be more or may be less.

Additions and Extras:

  • Animated 360º Photography: $70 per product
    Want your product to be animated to show all angles of it in one image? We can combine multiple product images into one with simple transition (in animated gif form, maximum resolution of 640 pixels).
  • Backdrop: $5 per product
    Most product photography looks best (and is easy to manage) on a seamless white background (which is what you will get with the pricing above). If for whatever reason you’d like the backdrop to be a different color though, we can do this.
  • Reflection: $4 per product
    Add a reflection under your product (this is great for jewelry photography).
  • Group product shots:
    Any photo with more then one item would be considered a group shot (example: if multiple products are being sold together, etc). Because this requires extra set up time, additional charges apply. And because the set up of each product grouping is different, pricing varies. Contact me for a quote for your grouping.
  • More then one image of the same product:
    If you’d like more then one image of the same product (the back side of it, a close up of an area on it, etc), there is a 40% reduction for shots after the 1st one – (i.e. for the “10-19 products” rate, the first image of the item would be $19 [web package], while subsequent shots of the same item would be $7.60).
  • CD: $4
    Get all your images on a CD.

Note: For products such as clothing or ones that contain reflective surfaces (jewelry, glass, etc), additional pricing may apply, as these products require extra time to get the product and lighting perfect.

Clients are responsible for shipping costs to and from our studio in Jacksonville, Florida. If you live in or near the Jacksonville area, arrangements for pick-up and drop-off can be discussed.

We accept cash, check, or credit card (through PayPal). A 40% deposit of the total price is required to start any project. Once deposit is made and I receive the products, I will start work immediately.

When completed, I will send you (through email or web link) proofs of the result with a watermark for your review. Once the work is approved by you, and after the full amount is paid, I will send you the full size images with no watermark.

Have alot of products, but not the money to pay in full right away? No problem. We can set something up where we can shoot 10 products now, 20 products later, etc. and you’ll still get the price of a 50+ product deal (or how ever many products you want photographed total). Just contact us about it.

*Royalty Free – No Licensing – No Usage Restrictions!
You will receive high quality digital images that are royalty free. This means you will never have to pay a yearly fee to use them, or a fee each time you use the image. You can use each image as many times as you have need, whether it be in print or on the web. It’s YOUR image**. Although, you will not be allowed to sell the photos for profit or claim copyright on them. All copyrights remain with the photographer.

** we reserve the right to add the product photo to our portfolio unless requested otherwise.

Acceptable product size:
We work with small to medium size products (no more then 2 feet tall or wide). Depending on the product though, we may be able to accommodate larger then that. Contact us with your inquiry on product size to be sure.


San Pedro Consignment Photography

Over the years we have been building our portfolio of San Pedro photography.  We have some truly amazing photos of San Pedro, CA that can be framed and used in your local business and/or on your website.  Check out our link here The Pedro Store Posters/Art.  If you would like to decorate the walls of our business without the commitment of purchase we also offer consignment pieces at 25% of the original cost.  If one of your clients/customers buys it, we will bring you another at no cost to you and if the trend continues you can earn an affiliate commission of up to 20% for every sale and possible advertisement on our website.  Our hope is to network with other small businesses in Pedro and build our local network.  Bored with regular wall art?  We can put these images on any product you can imagine, ok well almost… We carry skateboards, wood blocks, clocks, clothing and so much more, you can check out all of our San Pedro Merchandise here.


Event Photography

$185.00 Price includes travel time and 1st hour.

$85 for every hour after.

Half Day (4 hours) $350

Full Day (8 Hours) $700

High and Low Res images provided on disc for marketing & social media.


Portrait Photography

On-location Family Portraits   500.00
90-minute photo shoot (travel fee may apply). Three hour photo editing
Includes 40+ digital negatives on DVD and 2 weeks web gallery.

Editorial/Business Shoots  300.00 (individual)/450.00 (group)
Business location shoot travel (within Los Angeles County) /set-up included
One hour shoot. Two hour photo editing.



Selected Prints  200.00
Includes your pick of 5 digital prints (a.k.a. Digital Negatives) plus $100.00 print credit

Complete Set of Prints 325.00
Includes  40+ digital prints from shoot on a custom DVD plus $125.00 print credit

Unless otherwise specified, portrait packages do not include prints nor do they include digital negatives. Prints can be ordered directly from web-gallery (self-orders), or a-la-cart from studio.  Web-gallery is not included with all packages or may require minimum a-la-cart print order before being enabled.


Travel and set-up rates 1 hour  50.00

Photo editing rates 1 hour  50.00

Photo shoot rates 1 hour  250.00

Web/Digital Media Private web gallery. 1 year  100.00

Full resolution single picture (*)  25.00

Full resolution complete shoot archive DVD (*)  250.00

Wedding DVD (*) 500.00

(*) Includes reproduction rights for non-commercial use and custom DVD case Prints (Glossy) Custom Orders/WEB Premium Prints with manual color adjust.

Glossy print prices

4 x 6 3.00

5 x 7 10.00

8 x 10 19.00

8 x 12 27.00

11 x 14 32.00

12 x 18 36.00

16 x 24 46.00

20 x 30 55.00

24 x 36 83.00

Mounted Prints, Canvas on wooden stretcher frame, and other special orders like photo strips and wallet sized photos are priced upon request. (add photo products link here)

All prices are US Dollars and do not include applicable sales tax.  All dimensions are in inches.